Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vintage Blossoms

Like I promised, today I'm going to tell y'all about our brunch yesterday and show you the picture of the table. It is always such a treat to visit with these ladies! What is the Vintage Blossoms? They are a group of ladies who love the same things, like gardening, crafting, yard sales, antiques. They visit together, enjoying a cup of coffee and telling about all the treasures they've found, things they've made or grown. They like to tour the gardens of other yard enthusiasts. Originally they were friends of my mom's who allowed me to tag along. I jokingly told them I wasn't a Blossom, I was merely a bud. I think they've officially adopted me and Meredith loves being a Blossom too. They are all such wonderful women. They have really taught me much about enjoying life, simple pleasures, hospitality, and friendship. It is such a joy to spend an afternoon with them. Hopefully some day soon I can show you some of their beautiful homes and gardens.

For our brunch, I kept it simple. I used (I know, I don't usually do it but they were so pretty) paper plates and napkins. They looked so much like spring. Plus, I got a great deal. We had coffee and juice. To eat, we had Cranberry Pecan Bread, sausage balls, sugar cookies that Meredith made, and grapes. Sausage balls are always great and the boys were glad to see that there were leftovers. For the sugar cookies we used a mix that I get at Sam's. They have it at Christmas time. It's by Betty Crocker and comes with five packages in each box. When they have it available I go ahead and by a few boxes to last me through the year. It is so handy for quick snacks, when you're called on at the last minute to send a treat to a kid function, as a basis for fruit pizza. The possibilities are limitless. You only add a stick of butter and one egg. They taste as good as I could make them from scratch (and I don't say that often.)


Anonymous said...

don't forget your far away bud who is there in spirit, if not in body. : ) J

Anonymous said...

We all miss you at our parties Miss Joey. We always mention you and wish you could be with us. ....Linda

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda...I can't wait to come and see all the goodies that you have found. J