Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eat That Ice Cream, Baby!

I don't know what made me remember this when I was getting my shower this morning, it's something that happened long ago, but I thought you'd enjoy it just the same. It's one of those things that we could file under "Nobody but Kelly...", like that post when I told y'all about making the wall hairy. At least life's never boring.

Here goes. Many, many years ago when I was but a teenager my mom and I were driving down a four lane road. I was in the passenger seat and looked over to see two older gentlemen riding along in an old Ford Ranger eating ice cream cones. I don't know what struck me as being so funny about that or what made me blurt out the words, but I giggled and said, "Eat that ice cream, baby." Now in my defense, I didn't yell it and I guess I wasn't thinking about the window being cracked. They weren't even looking my way when I said it.

My mom had asked me what was so funny and I was telling her when we heard the honking. We looked in the truck's direction and there they were, leaning over at us just a smilin' and lickin' their cones in an exaggerated way. They'd heard me! It was the funniest sight, not just because they'd heard me, but when the driver had turned to face me, he had a patch on one eye! Oh the trouble I can get into.

I guess the moral of this story is: When you come across an elderly ice cream eating pirate, remember to keep your mouth shut.

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