Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Blues

For the past ten years I have tripped over Lego, been forced to marvel at countless bugs, played endless games of tickle monster. I have lived through times when all things had to be green (have you ever tried to find a green fork?, not easy), when we had to watch Winnie the Pooh until I thought I'd go insane. And I reveled in it all.

But tomorrow things are changing. A decade has come and gone. My little boy is turning 11. His sister is still at the age where she always holds up her fingers to indicate her age, and there's something about Jack's being older than you can see by holding up your fingers makes me have a little catch in my throat. We went to visit middle school this week. MIDDLE SCHOOL. The toys are being replaced by video games, bikes, playing football with friends. I know that this is probably the last boy birthday. He's growing up. It's gone so quickly. This mama's got the birthday blues.

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