Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, Sweet Friday

How sweet it is to have a day of rest, a minute to breathe. I am thankful for the busy-ness because it reminds me I have a full life, but I am also thankful for the quiet reprieves. I thought I'd share a picture of one of my daisies. They're such happy flowers in the garden. I've got lots of Black-eyed Susans that will be blooming soon. I've also been picking a few squash, peppers, and lots of onions. And there are tons of green tomatoes. Supper tonight is grilled pork chops, which doesn't have a recipe. Jon is in charge of the pork chops. I did explain the way he does it, I think that was back in an early April post. Have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully now that school's out I can concentrate on being crafty and creative.

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