Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kids Craft Ideas for Next Year

Hi there! We are battling the ick at our house. Not the fish kind of ick, just the congestion kind with a serving of stomach virus. Fun times at our house. Now you know why I didn't get to blogging yesterday. The moments I did feel like dragging to the computer, my brain couldn't think of a thing to say! I've got to take one of the kids to the doctor, but I thought I'd stop long enough to show you a few cute things that Meredith brought home from school. They're simple craft ideas to do with your kids. You might want to save them for next fall or adapt them for other uses (like, it'd be easy to turn the cat into a bunny by changing the color of the plates and elongating the ears or using the spider when telling Little Miss Muffett). Have a great (germ-free) day.

Isn't this a cute cat? Just two paper plates hot-glued together with features added.

Handprint bat. You could easily change it around a little and make handprint birds.

A little spider that swings on his web.

And the artist, giving us a pose.

They dressed up last Saturday and visited neighbors. We don't allow anything scary. Meredith wanted to be a princess. She had on another, very elaborate dress that was so pretty, but declared it too itchy and put on this play outfit. The boys are harder to figure out each year as they get older--Ry was a hunter (see the bag I made for his candy) and Jack was a fisherman who collected his candy in a tacklebox.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
Beautiful share this morning. Love the little ideas, with 8 grandkids I am always looking for ways to entertain the little ones. Thank you for the ideas as always I love it when one shares.

Love the photo of the kids. Your princess is just precious.

Hope everyone gets to feeling better, and that you have a blessed day today. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Precious Times Playschool said...

I love those crafts and you know I'll be stealing them. the hand print bat is my fav cause moms love anything with little hands! and meredith is the cutest thing. Love ya and feel better, hon. XXOO