Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bloomin' the Best We Can

I found this pretty surprise as I was going into the workshop (a.k.a. home of all that won't fit in the house) and it was tucked behind another plant, trying its hardest to peek around and get noticed. It was twice as big as any of the other rose blooms, seeming to say, "Winter's right around the corner and I'm giving it all I've got while I can." It's such a pretty red and has a yellow center. Giving it your all can lead to some amazing results.

That leads me into what I wanted to mention to you today. I came across something in a book that I was rereading yesterday morning while I ate breakfast. I hadn't noticed it the first time. (Rereading can also offer pretty, maybe I should say pleasant, surprises.) The issue was women and prayer. Here's the quote from Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy--"...why do we need to lift up our voice in prayer? Because it's not good for women to be silent. We need to get real life off our chests. Get whatever's bedeviling us out into the open, so that we can get on with it. We can't do that when we're stuck, and women do get stuck, in a kind of self-destructive holding pattern, when they're silent...women pray because we need to talk to Someone who's really listening."

It was so true and said in a way that made so much sense. We all know having a prayer life is important, but it always seems to be the greatest struggle. Why is that? Because, it has the potential to be our greatest strength! As women, we are constantly talking things through in our heads. This is what I want to say to...I should have said...I wish I could tell this person...I need to talk to him about... What a valuable resource we are missing out on!

All those things do not have to just rattle around in your brain (with most never seeing the light of day). To get what we so need, to do what we were created to do, we simply need to turn those thoughts into prayers. "Lord, this is what I want to say to (insert person), help me to choose my words correctly and give me the opportunity to speak. I pray that as I do, I would have the opportunity to demonstrate your love in my speech, my tone, and my actions." It can be as simple as "Lord, this is what was said to me. It makes me madder than I don't know what, and you're gonna have to help me sort this out."

We were designed to be talkers. We're just not talking to the right person! Your friends are willing to listen, your kids are forced to, and (bless his poor heart) your husband's trying, but they're the wrong ones. At least until we've gone to the right one first. If we would just do that, we would be amazed at the difference in our lives. I imagine 90% of the things we're just busting at the seams to tell someone would be let go of without uttering a word to anyone but Him. Think of the needless conflict we'd be spared. Prayer is meant to give God our heart, to lay it all out in honest conversation with Him and allow Him to heal us, to help us, to instruct us, so we can get on with the task of living...So maybe we should be like my sweet little rose, let's know our time is limited and put all our effort into having our full impact.

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Precious Times Playschool said...

needed to hear that, my dearest!! it is just what the Lord has been teaching me these days..."go to the Throne, not the phone," says Joyce Myers, lol. a friend told me that quote. It just seems everywhere i turn these days there is a reminder to talk to God. Thanks so much. Love you!!