Monday, November 15, 2010

Happiness in a Lunchbox

What's the cure for the back to school blues on Monday? A pick-me-up in the middle of the day. It comes in the form of a sandwich. A sandwich that tastes like eating a Reese's Cup. Who wouldn't love that? Two pieces of bread, some peanut butter and a little Nutella add up to equal a whole lot of happiness. Try it for yourself. Throw in some chips and a banana and you've got a lunchbox that'll make you smile, even on a Monday. One of my cream cheese brownies for dessert doesn't hurt either.

Now what's for supper this week?

Monday--Spaghetti and homemade french bread (I've given the bread recipe before, you can use the search box at the bottom of the page to find it)
Tuesday--Fritomale Casserole, corn, grapes
Wednesday--Crockpot Chicken, biscuits
Thursday--Homemade Pizza (yep, I'm early this week. That's because...)
Friday--Sample Night at Sam's (This weekend is Sam's Club's special holiday sample party and since my husband absolutely loves free samples, we'll be there to try out all the new things they have in for the holidays.)


craftyles said...

I have to agree on the Nutella sandwich. It's really a great pick me up!

TK said...

Oh yes, I love the nutella and BP sandwich. Even better is to use the honey flavored PB. Yum!

Kim O

NanE said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for visiting my blog, I loved your ideas especially the circle to punch open Christmas morning! Have a wonderful day, Nan