Friday, November 12, 2010

How to Be a Top Model

I have to make a confession. I love to watch the show "America's Next Top Model". I've watched it for years. It's not because I have any aspirations for modeling. I'm short, weigh more than I care to admit, and am deathly afraid of bathing suit season.

The appeal of the show to me isn't the behind-the-scenes drama of the competitors, "the fabulous list of prizes that the winner will receive", or the glamorous life modeling promises. No, my fascination is with the picture at the end.

I love the part where they see their best shot from the week's photo shoot. I pull the chair close to the television, or pause it (I LOVE my DVR) for a good look. I am always amazed at what a little lighting and some good makeup can do. A lot of the girls aren't even that striking without all the extras, some are even a little awkward. But, through the lens of the camera, they become something extraordinary.

How does this relate to us on the other side of the TV set? Is this to be our aspiration? Good grief no! I don't think there are enough lights and lenses in the world to transform this jiggle. That's not what I'm worried about anyway. But there are a lot of parallels from this show that apply to our lives as Christian women. We know we are not to be conformed to the world's image. Thank goodness. Like it or not, though, we are in a modeling competition--and Philippians 3:14 tells us to fight for the prize.

I am a model--and so are you. We walk around every day showing off our Christianity for the world to see. Whether we choose to wear it well is up to us, but we model it just the same. And rest assured, the world is judging.

They get a picture of the Christian life from us. Our children, our neighbors, the people we pass throughout the course of our day, are watching our walk. Are our steps strong and confident or do we stumble on the runway of life? Do we hold up under the blaring lights or trials and testing, where flaws can easily be seen? They are checking our presentation, watching to see if the pretty portrait we paint of the life in Christ we talk about is more than just a bunch of makeup slapped on something ordinary to dress it up.

Our judges are critical. They expect losers. And left to ourselves, we would be. We were plain and awkward too--downright ugly in our sin. But, we have been remade. We have a new kind of make-up, not a makeup to prettify the outside but what makes up our insides. All that we do and say is filtered through the lens of a loving God. And that, my sweet friends, creates a beauty that shines through. The world does take notice of it.

They are waiting on the edge of their chairs to see how our picture turns out. Some are sitting there wishing they could look like you. Don't be the girl sent home this week because you didn't show them a good picture of Christ. Model well. And don't forget, there are lots of fabulous prizes at the end.

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