Monday, April 12, 2010

One More Thing

You can tell it's Monday, I forgot to tell you something. There were just too many thoughts from the weekend rumbling in my brain, I didn't get them all out. I have been wanting to do something creative for a while. I have been feeling such an itch to be artsy. The problem is that I always put it off for other more "practical" things. So here's my plan. I'll force myself to do one creative project a week, however simple (remember I'm new at this and go easy on me), and show it on here for you all to see. You can all keep me accountable. And if anyone is interested, they can take this creativity challenge with me and let me know their results. That's it. I think the rumblings have stopped. I won't pester y'all anymore today. Have a great Monday. PC7M5MA9DX7J

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