Tuesday, April 6, 2010

50 Pounds of Carrots and a Deer Named LeeRoy

Yesterday was full of surprises, one of which was my mom and my younger son Riley going to a local farm and getting a fifty pound bag of carrots. Those are just a few of them in the picture. I have a feeling we'll be eating carrots for a loooooong time! If anyone has any great recipes using carrots they'd like to share, just send them my way. After I finish posting this message, I'm off to the kitchen to begin putting away some carrots. I absolutely love that sort of thing--picking fruits and vegetables, making jelly, freezing or canning. I had a message that the strawberry field opened today, so that's where I'll be off to later in the week.

The other surprise from yesterday was a new addition to my decor. My husband's deer head arrived. He decided this past year to take up hunting and got a deer on his first try. My freezer is full of deer sausage, deer steaks, deer tenderloin. Now his trophy has finally arrived and made his way into my living room (at least until the new wears off). I have been officially bubbafied. We've taken to calling him LeeRoy and he keeps an eye on the front door to see who's coming. Oh, the things you do for the people you love.


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Kelly Mac said...

I think the deer looks great and should stay there always. --Jon