Monday, April 19, 2010

Gardening, Good Food, Great Time with Family...the Recipe for a Simply Extraordinary Life

Sweet weekends. This one was filled with all the things I loved. Jack's strep meant cancelling a youth group outing (sorry guys), but it did allow me to have some quiet at-home time with everyone there, which is my very favorite thing. There were lots of little things I wanted to tell you or show you. But, I figured we'd just have one long talk instead a thousand little chats.

I've been busy in the yard with planting and transplanting. My iris FINALLY bloomed. I planted some a couple of years ago, one from a friend and one from my aunt, and they have refused to bloom for me despite my constant pleading. I think they gave in and bloomed because they got tired of me making a fool of myself in the neighborhood by whining to plants. All that anticipation made it even more special when the first one finally did bloom. There's another that is just about ready to open up. I transplanted lots more that I got from my mom's house.

I also rearranged furniture in my workroom (the kids call it the parlor). It houses my desk and papers, crafting supplies, and a little spot I just fixed for visiting and sipping coffee. I'll take a picture of that for another day. Anyway, I moved my desk to a spot under the window and decided to go out and cut some roses to put in the little pitcher that sits on top. I can't remember exactly where I came upon the sweet little vase--Goodwill, yard sale--but, as I was filling it with water, I noticed a label on the bottom that read 'Made Exclusively for You by Judy Purdhom Fitzgerald, Georgia'. I'd just like to say thank you, Ms. Judy Purdhom. I love the things you made and they brighten my day when I look at them.

And, you'll never guess what my husband did for me...he washed all the windows, inside and out. Wasn't that the sweetest? Don't know what got into him, but I wasn't about to stand in his way.

I guess I'd better give you the menus for the week. I do have other things to tell you and show you, like some flea market finds I got (one for a nickel that I'm so excited about) and of a project I want to make. I'd better save those for another post. Here in the south we say, "She talked my ear off," meaning she went on and on. Is it possible to blog your ear off? I could probably come close. Back to recipes.

Monday--Sweet and Sour Chicken (in Betty Crocker cookbook), rice, salad with Mandarin Poppy Seed Dressing (Winn Dixie brand, it's so very yummy)

Tuesday--Anytime Meatballs, Crockpot Mac & Cheese, Carrot Sticks

Wednesday--Ham and Cheese Gratin, Roasted Asparagus, Rolls

Thursday--Buffalo Shrimp, leftover mac & cheese, Salad

Friday--BBQ Sandwiches, Chips, Coleslaw

Saturday--(you guessed it) Homemade Pizza

Sunday--Leftover Buffet (Lay out everything in the fridge and let them go through, fix there plates, and zap it in the microwave)

I'd better go for now. Meredith and I are finally gonna get to go to the strawberry patch. Hope you have a wonderful Monday.


Anonymous said...

I love your iris, mine are wight

Kelly Mac said...

Thank you.I have some more that haven't bloomed yet, I think they may be white too.