Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Visit with the Vintage Blossoms

Over the river and through the woods...Well not really. It was more like, over the driveway and through a few intersections. But to Mrs. Ruth's house we went, even if the way was more city than scenic. Mrs. Ruth is one of a group of ladies we affectionately call the Vintage Blossoms. They love gardening, antiques, crafting, and yard sales. Mrs. Ruth is originally from Germany. Her home is full of wonderful treasures that she has brought from there or found in her yard sale expeditions. She is one of the most creative and crafty people you will ever meet. I don't know anything she can't make. Her favorites at the moment are making jewelry and creating cards. I thought I'd share pictures with you today of some of the Christmas decorations she had. I ran out of space on my camera long before I ran out of things to take pictures of.
A little tree that is on her buffet...and a closeup, it's covered in vintage jewelry.
One of the pretty plates she has decoupaged.
The table's all set for our luncheon.

I'm off to visit the other participants of Rednesday. You come too!


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a joy it must be to see and enjoy her treasures. I love the name - Vintage Blossoms! Very sweet!

Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

Beautiful decorations! Merry Christmas and Happy Rednesday!

LV said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pretty decorations. I did not put up any this year, but loving everyone else s.