Friday, December 10, 2010

Special Delivery

Look what the mailman (oh excuse me, letter carrier) broght me. It's my package of goodies that I won from Leslie at Brookhollow Lane. She even decorated the box with striped packing tape and hand drawn cherries.

It was filled with all sorts of great things--a canister set, a coaster set nested in a teapot, a pretty crocheted doilie, (my personal favorite) the handmade doll on the box. There were even cherry shaped gummy candies. Riley, who I'd had to get from school, especially loved those.

There was red polka dot tissue paper (I dearly love polka dots) and things were tied in ribbons with little cherries on it. After the morning I'd had, God (and Leslie) knew exactly what I needed. I needed a cheery little box full of cherries to set it all right again. And it was a good day...soggy fruit loop bottom and all.

Hope your weekend is filled with unexpected surprises as well. Just watch out for the cereal, it has a mind of its own.


craftyles said...

Hi Kelly, So glad the box made it in one piece and so glad you liked it. Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhhh...a box full of goodies!!!!! J

bj said...

I love it all...

Yes, RUN KELLY RUN..the finish line is in sight and you still have time to take a few deep breaths, a drink of water/wine and you'll STILL make it on time. I'm sure of it!!
hugs, bj