Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kiddie Christmas Tree

It's been one of those mornings. I started to take the pictures for my post and the camera battery died. I spilled an entire bowl of cereal in my lap and got milk in my underwear and a Fruit Loop stuck to the rear of my pants. I accidentally threw the silverware in the trash. One little person forgot their bookbag and we had to turn around and go back for it. All before 7:30 a.m. Things can only get better...right? It's Thankful Thursday and you'd better believe the thing I'm most thankful for is a change of clothes.

Today I thought I'd share a few pictures from the kids' tree. I found a small tree, four feet, at a yard sale for $5 last fall. It has colored lights, our big tree has white ones. This tree is totally theirs. The get to decorate it any way they want. They take the ornaments on and off and rearrange at least once a day. It's full of things they've made or ornaments they like. I'll show you a few of the crafty ones they've done at school or church. The one above is Santa made from a popsicle stick. My cousin Sharon actually did this with her kindergarten class. I like his little beard.

This angel looks like she's having my kind of day. Her hair is on crooked and her poor star is upside down. Maybe she's just from the future...5002.

This is a very old one that somehow survives each year. That's me when I was a toddler. See the overalls? I was a farmgirl even then. And notice the curlers in my hair. I've always had my own "special" style.

A reindeer made from a clothespin.

And here's my personal favorite. I did this with Riley's preschool class. Write the child's name on a round blue plastic ornament with a paint pen. Brush white paint on their hands (a thicker paint will give more texture). Place the ornament in the palm of their hands and have them grasp it with their fingers. The palm will form the snow on the ground and the fingers will form the snowmen. You may need to give their fingers a little wiggle or you'll end up with some very skinny snowmen. When the ornaments are dry, go back and draw on scarves, hats, buttons, etc. with permanent markers. You can see the handprint when you hold it upside down.


Anonymous said...

love the handprint one - i'd do it with my 2yo SS class this yr if i didn't already buy stuff to do something else, but i'll remember that for next yr!

deb :)

ps- and i hope your day DOES improve ;)

Anonymous said...

way to go girl. start to a perfect day.

Anonymous said...

I read all you'r post , with a smile , late the rest of the day be good.

LV said...

Do not feel too bad, we all have our days. I have stopped telling some of the things I do. My son would probably have me committed. You are fine, take a deep breath and relax.

Kelly Mac said...

You just have to laugh and let it roll off. I just had one sent home with pink eye.

JennaLane said...

great blog stories! and the handprinted ornament...genius. now you tell me after i have crafted at least 6 ornaments with my class. Next year I'm on it. Love ya!