Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bathroom Santa

I thought about showing you some of the cute things off the kids' tree or some of the pretty things my neighbor has painted. Then I thought...nah, let's talk potty talk--Santa in the potty.

My kids like it every year when this decoration comes out and guests like to go in the bathroom and see the surprise. This clever little contraption was made by my Aunt Betty.

You can make them two different ways. The first is totally by hand, cutting felt to create each of the stockings and then connecting them with a wide red velvet ribbon. The other way, shown in this picture, is to buy two Santa stockings. That way, you only have to make some little mittens out of black felt and connect the two with ribbon. You've got a five minute craft that makes going to the bathroom a Christmas treat. Well, sort of.

And speaking of my Aunt Betty, I do believe the woman is a genius. We have a very nice, very large artificial Christmas tree that is our main Christmas tree. It is covered in white lights. Should say was covered in white lights, because most had burned out. We've thought about replacing it, but hadn't found the right tree (or the right price) and hated to chunk a really good tree. I just hated the thought of stringing all those lights. All my trees are pre-lit and I've become lazy in that department. My Aunt Betty had a suggestion. Use net lights, like go on your bushes outside.

Hmmm, would that work? How would it look? When we got to looking, the lights on our pre-lit tree would come off easily. They came off easily when we were looking, not so 'easily' when I was doing. I finally got the lights done on the bottom third of the tree (it comes apart in three sections). I threw my net over and held my breath as I plugged it in. It looked great. The wires blend in easily and tuck behind branches. It did take two nets for the bottom because it's a really wide tree. But now, instead of weaving strand after strand in and out, year after year, I simply cast my net! Let their be light!

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Ann said...

Cute little bathroom Santa! I can see why your children like it so much. :o)
Also, I like your Aunt Betty's idea of netting on a pre-lit tree. This year half of the lights on both of my pre-lit trees decided not to work so I ran strands of lights in and through the branches, what a pain. I'll certainly remember her idea for next year!
The Tattered Tassel

craftyles said...

That is too cute. I love the Santa with mittens!