Thursday, December 23, 2010

Songs for the Season

Today I have a couple of songs for you. My little one likes to sing and make up her songs as she goes. Last night I asked her if she'd like to give us all a Christmas song. She decided we needed two. I would say they're sung to the tune of...but she also makes up her own tunes, which are apt to change from one line to the next. She's better than her mom, I can't carry a tune at all. They're a little long, but she insisted I write it out verbatim. Not bad for a five year old.

Meredith's Christmas Song (a.k.a. "We Know That")

Jesus was born on Christmas Day, Christmas Day, Christmas Day
Christmas was special because he was born, and I know that
And it's special to me because he was born on Christmas Day
I know he was born on Christmas Day
and all of my friends know that too
Mary was his mama and we all know that
Christmas Day is very special
I love Christmas Day because Jesus was born
and everybody knows that
He laid in a bed with straw
I can remember because he was special
I know he was special
all the kids know that
Christmas is here today, we're opening presents
because we have some gifts
I said the baby's name was Jesus
Christmas is my favorite thing
Christmas is fun because it is special
and all the people say, "Merry Christmas!"


I open my eyes to peek under the tree
and I say it is Christmas
I open my presents with a big ol' tear
and a rip-rap
"Presents are fun!" I scream that out
I take a peek just right out
I saw, I saw my favorite color pink
It was pink ornaments, shiny and sparkly
Some were shaped like "M"s
and some were shaped like "K"s
and there were hearts
There were snowmen on the wrappings
I ate a gingerbread man with two eyes
made of gumdrops and
mouth made of bacon
and three buttons made of coal
All my presents were colored pink
I love my presents
I even had an Easy Bake
and then I ate a lollipop
My lollipop was shaped like a Christmas tree
Then I woke my family up
after I opened all my presents
I ate some ice cream
My family is sweet
I love you
The End

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Anonymous said...

Those are the best Christmas songs I have ever "heard". A great gift to your readers. Merry Christmas to you and your family.