Thursday, August 26, 2010

The 'It' Number and Insanity Chili

Insanity chili? Well the chili's not insane, unless you count insanely good, but I don't think I'd go quite that far. Delicious...really good...but insanely good would require more tinkering with the recipe. Oops, I'm rambling--back to the point. I call it insanity chili today because my making it is insane. Do you know what the temperature was when I passed by the middle school entrance sign yesterday? 104!!! And I'm making chili. That's why I said insanity chili. I've just had a hankering for it lately. We'll just have to follow it up quickly with ice cream. It'll be a nicer meal for those of you who don't live in the giant oven we call south Georgia.

Apparently there's a new number. Well, an old number that's been repurposed. I didn't want y'all to be left behind so I thought I'd share. I've learned so much since Meredith started kindergarten. Here's the official transcript from her bedtime last night, after the obligatory kiss, hug, and great big squeeze.

Mommy: I love you bunches.
Meredith: You're the best mommy in the universe. I love you zero.
Mommy: Zero? Zero means nothing, not at all. You don't love me at all? (Thinking I'm so clever for sneaking in a little math learning at the last minute.)
Meredith: No, I love you lots. Zero means lots. Nowadays.

Y'all, the girl actually used the word 'nowadays'. It never ceases to amaze me, the things that'll come out of a kid's mind. I thought you'd all want to know. I don't want you behind the times. I wonder if we could go buy a car with zero dollars. Do you think the salesman would buy it if I told him an expert says zero dollars is really a lot...nowadays?

Don't forget today's Thankful Thursday! Here's my list.
1. Air conditioning!!! A southern necessity.
2. Fall. Can't come soon enough.
3. My little expert. She keeps me informed.
4. I'm finally getting well.
5. Our transition into the new school year, especially with two going to new schools, has been so smooth.


Anonymous said...

104!!!!!!! EEEEKKKK!!!! It's a balmy 64 here this morning. : ) Yesterday while we were out ( me and the girls ) I said that this weather we are having is probably like what your weather is around Thanksgiving. :) You know, it's just around the corner. Love you!! For thankful Thurs...I'm thankful for you and Linda's good news on Tues morning. Thank you Lord. Hugs!!

Nora Johnson said...

Hot here too in Andalucia - 100F inland so no chili for us just yet! Soon though when it's cooler..
What a lovely blog you have - back soon to read through earlier posts…

Happy Rednesday!

btw My Rednesday post: “Can you give me directions?” Do stop by!

Precious Times Playschool said...

i love you kellymac!

Kelly Mac said...

I love you all too and am thankful for all your sweet comments. The chili was good, even though it was hot outside.