Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Givin' Rednesday a Try

Our friend Debbie at has convinced me to try my hand at Rednesday. This morning all these red things kept popping up around me and I decided today was my day. Too bad I didn't get a picture of Meredith in her red socks before she headed off to school. Maybe that can be for another week. To check out all the Rednesday entries, visit
In honor of back to school, here's a couple of Jack's books. Guess they like red too.

Here are some of the cayenne peppers from our garden.

Some of my neighbor's canna lillies that are peeping over the fence.

Meredith's bottle of strawberry bubbles.


craftyles said...

Love your reds, but especially the chile peppers! Happy Reds!

Manang Kim said...

You have pretty red stuff. Is that kind of chili too hot??
A Chevrolet red pick up

Kelly Mac said...

Thanks for the compliments. Manang, the peppers are enough to spice things up, but not enough to send you crying. =)

Ann said...

Yep, the school books are back in our house for the next 10 months, too. The boys are not to thrilled about it. They love summer and playing outside all day.
The chili pepper and the lily are such vibrant colors.
The tattered Tassel

Debra Ganas said...

Yea Kelly, so glad you joined us. Love all your redness. Keep it coming girl.