Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fog

I seem to be having some sort of brain fog this week. I thought I'd have more energy once school started and it was quiet. I think instead my summer is catching up to me. While I take a break from my normal routine today I thought I'd share someone who does have some words of wisdom. This is a quote from the old book Home-Making.

"We are all making in our todays the memories of our tomorrows. Whether these shall be pleasant or painful to contemplate depends on whether we are living well or ill. Memory writes down everything where we shall be compelled to see it perpetually. There have been many authors who, in their last days, would have given worlds to get back the words they had written." J.R. Miller

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Debra Ganas said...

I thought the same thing. That I would be raring to go. But I admit, I did sleep a little later when the kids were not in school. Now that I get up at 6 I am dragging later on the day. Today was better, so there is hope.
Have a great weekend.