Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Photos...More Thankful...and Some Buttermilk Banter

Another day and another batch of pictures. These are a few more of the things I love--old barns, little streams, farm land. Tomorrow I'll have pictures from the home of another sweet friend, Jen. We started a couple weeks ago having Thankful Thursday. I thought I'd continue the tradition today.

1. I'm thankful that I'm getting my house back in order. It's so nice to have the piles of things put away after a trip.

2. I'm thankful for another day, for me, for my family. We always seem to forget what a tremendous gift it is simply to be.

3. I'm thankful that Jack is loving tennis camp. What a delight it is to watch your child discover something that they love.

4. I'm thankful for encouragement from friends--notes that brighten your day, phone calls at the exact minute you need them, just knowing that they're there.

5. I'm thankful for a garden that I can watch grow. It is always a delight to me to check on my vegetables. I know, I'm easy to please.

Now for supper tonight. It's breakfast for supper, a fun thing we love to do. I didn't figure you all needed a recipe for pancakes. You can holler if you do, I'll be happy to share. I did, however, want to share a tip for making them better. Buttermilk pancakes are better, fluffier. The key to great buttermilk pancakes is quality buttermilk. I'm usually all for what's cheapest, most of the time the store brand's the same. This is one instance where you want to splurge. Buy the more expensive brand, whatever it may be for your area.


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for family and friends to share my time with. All we have to give each other is our time. I visited a retirement home this week and saw blank faces. It reminded me that the spark of life in all of us is the ones we love who love us back. Loneliness is a terrible disease. So I am thankful for all of you, my friends, who love the simple pleasures of life.

Kelly Mac said...

Yes, the people in our lives are very important. The last thing God created was a companion for Adam. He meant for us to have a relationship with Him, and with others. Stuff comes and goes. Those other two are the glue that holds us together.