Friday, June 25, 2010


I've been putting up some butterbeans. The kids don't like the smell. They say they are butt-uh-beans. I guess I know who won't be eating them. Any big plans for the weekend? Not me, it's a birthday party, yard work and church. A little bit of quiet sounds good.

I need your opinion on something. I came up with the idea of making bookmarks with the blog address on them to give to people when they ask about it. I'm always rumaging around in my purse for a piece of paper or a pen to write it out. This way I could just flip on out with the address and it's useful besides. My dilema? Should I make them whimsical or more classic? Free-hand and quirky or watercolor and dainty? Help me decide.

I guess we'll continue with a little bit of Bible study on Fridays. Remember we're looking at Romans 12:9-21, one command at a time. Last week we looked at the first, "let love be without hypocrisy". Today we'll dive into the second, it's two sided--"abhor what is evil; cling to what is good".

These words paint for us a beautiful picture of the attitude God wants from us. Abhor means to shudder and shrink aways from in disgust. We are to hate what is evil. The thought of or sight of sin should make us sick to our stomachs. And the presence of sin in our lives should make us run to our Heavenly Father for forgiveness. Our Holy and sinless Father abhors sin in our lives. He loves us and wants better for us than that. It should be no wonder to us that, when we continue in sin, we no longer feel connected to His presence. He abhors sin. He has shrunk away from us in disgust! That ladies (and gentlemen), is a frightening and sobering thought.

Thankfully, the next part of the verse is a little more upbeat. "Cling to what is good." To cling, according to the dictionary, means to (1)hold fast by or as by embracing, entwining, or sticking; adhere; (2)to be or stay near, as if holding fast; to be emotionally attached. The best way to keep away from evil is to be stuck on what is good. We can't run after the wrong thing if we're glued on the good! Don't settle for less. The specialty of Satan is almost. Almost perfect--but almost perfect is all wrong. If Satan can get you to settle for almost of what God wants for you, he has you trapped. To choose almost is to miss all of the blessing God has to offer you. Almost all the puzzle pieces means you'll never finish. Almost all the ingredients means you're sure to fall flat. Almost all the railroad track means you're sure to derail. It changes everything. And it's a choice we all must make. Don't settle for almost today.

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