Friday, June 24, 2011

This is the Day

This morning when I woke up there was a song rattling around in my head. No, sunbeams weren't shining down and birds fluttering around me. It was 4:30 a.m., it was definitely more of a rattling. Rattling nonetheless, there was a song in my head, even though my eyes weren't completely open.

Know what it was? A perky little number based on Psalm 118:24. "This is the day, this the day, this is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it...." My sleepy brain didn't finish the rest of the song because, all of the sudden, I had a thought.

This IS the day that the Lord has made. God made it. I made it through another night simply because God chose to make another day.

This day has a purpose. It is part of His plan. He does nothing haphazardly or without thought. This day is intentionally.

And it intentionally includes you and me. That means we have a purpose too. What is mine for today? Not exactly sure. Maybe it's no more than to share this with you and to be nurse to my recovering little fellow.

Once my eyes were open enough, I got my Bible and read the verse from the song and the verses surrounding it. They are verses of victory.

In fact, the footnotes in my study Bible say that when it reads "this is the day", that 'the day' refers to victory. The day of victory.

This is a day of victory.
This is the day that the Lord has made.
He made it for a purpose.
He included us for a reason.
And it is a day of victory.

Now that is something to sing about.

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LV said...

Thanks to the good Lord every day is a new day. We never know what he has planned for us. Just trust and do the best you can.