Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Verse, Just Like the First

I thought I'd better report in. Patient #2 is home from the hospital. His surgery went well this morning. I was afraid his surgery would be worse than his sister's, but he has really surprised me with how well he's done.

At this rate, he'll be all well by tomorrow. Probably not. It took his sister a full two weeks to recover. I'm just waiting for the anesthesia to wear off and the real work to begin. My cousin Sharon gave Meredith a stuffed animal that had a squeaker in it when she had her surgery. That toy turned out to be a life saver. Every time she needed something she just squeaked the toy dog. Ry is now using it for his turn. They have the comfort of a toy and a built-in calling device. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone else who has to play nurse to little ones (and not so little ones) that can't talk.

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