Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seeing Spots

Okay, I've had a request to see some of the nooks and crannies of my little universe. Here are a few spots for your viewing pleasure.

This is my secretary I picked up at a yard sale. I'd always wanted one, always looked at them in antique shops, then happened on this one. The Warren Kimble print is from my sweet friend Marie. The plate, tree, and little house are from cousin Johnnie who just gave us an even better gift, a new baby cousin to play with. Welcome Jake! Mrs. Ruth also gave the great board game set to the boys. I guess this was just a group decorate.

Joey and I wanted each wanted a barn ladder. Her neighbor had a huge one he gave her and she had her husband cut it in half for us. Mine became the quilt ladder, hers held pots, pans, and baskets in her kitchen suspended from the ceiling. The quilts are old and made by different family members.

Here's another corner. The old door came from a cabin in Kentucky. On the wall are sketches of places in Maryland near where my husband grew up. The lighted branches I picked up on my last trip back there.

Be sure to visit some of blogs that can be reached from my sidebar. Everyone has exceptionally good posts lately, like Brookhollow Lane's unbelievable dollhouse bakery and Rustic Victorian's sweet video share. I've got some more sites to add to my sidebar, I've just got to slow down a minute to add them. Also, don't forget to visit the other Rednesday contributors over at


craftyles said...

Hi Kelly,
I love the secretary. I always wanted one of those too. I also have a quilt ladder. I just love them. Thanks for showing us your cute corners!The cake from the previous post looks really yummy.

Anonymous said...

Your house is precious. Love your style and taste. You are a smart lady!

LV said...

I enjoyed my visit in your home today. You have some great ideas. I have lots of quilts, but never thought of using a ladder to display them. I will have to look into that.

Anonymous said...

i love those lighted branches...where did you get them? i priced them at honeysuckle trail and the price was *YIKES*...did you find a great deal? love your house, love you more. :)


Kelly Mac said...

I got them at honeysuckle trail. I got one box and just fanned them out. That was what I used my birthday money on. I knew I wouldn't find something like that down here.

~~Carol~~ said...

Your home is so cute and cozy! I love the look of quilts on those old ladders, and I've always wanted some of those lighted branches. Hopefully I'll find some at my price!
Happy REDnesday!