Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Easy Cake Idea

I've got a little girl with a birthday this week. No fair. I really would love to squish her back down, she's growing up way too fast. They all are. I see my boys turning into men. I see my "baby" losing her baby look. It's hard watching them grow up. But it's exciting too. They are becoming such great people--funny, wise, considerate of each other. They have their meltdown moments, but generally, they are the best kids I could ever ask for.

Oops, I've started rambling and forgotten the cake. Well, we had a little get together this weekend for family to celebrate and I needed to make a cake. Remember that estate sale I went to a couple of weeks ago? I bought an old Duncan Hines cookbook. It was full of recipe ideas using mixes. This cake was one of them. Use simply use a box of cake mix, Meredith always wants chocolate, and two cans of icing, one chocolate for the cone and another for the ice cream. I used cream cheese and it was delicious.

Mix your cake according to package directions. Pour a little more than half in an 8 inch round pan. Pour the remainder in an 8 inch square pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. When the cake is cooled, cut each in half. You'll have two semicircles and two triangles.

Reserve 1/2 cup icing from each can for piping. Frost the chocolate triangles first and then pipe on the lines to create a waffle cone appearance. Now push the half circle "scoop" against it and the icing will be the glue that holds it together. Frost the scoop and pipe along the bottom to create a scalloped edge. Immediately sprinkle with sugars and toppings. Add a cherry on top and you're done. It makes two small cakes.

I guess you could even do two different flavors for the ice cream part. If you wanted to really be creative, you could flavor some vanilla with mint extract and color it green with food coloring and sprinkle the icing with chocolate chips. Whatever your favorite flavor, I'm sure you could make it.

It was fun and quick. And very yummy.


Anonymous said...

wow!!!! they turned out wonderful!! save me a slice. J

Anita said...

yummo..!!! I may have to send Mary down there this summer for some "cooking school" lessons...hehe... she has started to bake and she LOVES it...

JennaLane said...

great work as always... i'd love to be having a birthday at your house! how lucky your family is...blessed i should say!
miss and love you. send me the dates of your next arrival so we can plan our jaunt.