Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queen of the Headbands

My hair has always seemed to have a mind of its own. It's curly and the amount of curl depends on the weather. I gave up trying to make it behave a long time ago. We had seemed to develop a fairly good relationship, or so I thought. I'd made peace with its wildness, it stayed fairly restrained behind the chains of some rather tough hairspray.

That's all changed this year. My hair's gone Medusa on me. Every morning I wake up to some hideous 'do that can only be undone with a shower. Take yesterday for example, I had to go to a breakfast for the teachers at school. I got up, fixed my food, got ready and my hair looked good. I even got a compliment on it.

A little later I could feel it moving around. By the time I got home it was awful. My bangs had done some sort of weird flip, an apparent tribut to Farrah Fawcette in the seventies. Not exactly what I was going for.

Looking in the mirror I made a decision--I'm giving up completely. I'm gonna be a headband girl. I have several of them already. I always put my hair back when I'm cooking anyway. Guess this'll just be my "signature look".

Kelly, Queen of the Headbands

P.S. I'm working on the header. It always gives me trouble. Here's the picture it was supposed to show. Oh well. I'll have to come back to it later. For now you'll just have to understand I had the best of intentions.


JennaLane said...
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JennaLane said...

hey let me work on your header for you. email that picture file and I'll crop it and get a size that will work. Ok? do it now! love you

Anonymous said...

lol, queen of the headbands!

moi ;)