Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh So Monday, Menus, and My Poem by Request

I could sure tell it was Monday, or maybe that I'm getting older, or both. It was hard to get everyone out the door this morning. There was some grumping involved (and the kids were fussy too). Then I got home and saw the quote I've posted as the Thought for the Day and felt even worse. It makes me stop and wonder just what it is I've been contributing.

I have managed to put some supper in the crockpot. That way I won't have to be busy cooking supper this evening and can add a few positive contributions. I've also planned out what's for supper the rest of the week.

Monday--Roast with potatoes & carrots, rolls
Tuesday--Sandy Cove Stew, cornbread, sliced tomatoes
Wednesday--Chicken Divan, Rice Pilaf, tossed salad
Thursday--Penne Pasta Bake, Garlic Bread, salad
Friday--Grilled Pork Chops, Hashbrown Casserole, green beans, rolls
Saturday--homemade pizza

I've also had a request for a poem I wrote years ago. I wrote it for friends who lost their child in childbirth. I have been blessed that it has also been a comfort to other family and friends. I thought I would post it on here so she could get it and share it with you as well. It isn't the easiest topic to think about, but sometimes what isn't easy is what's necessary.

Goodbye sweet child I could not know,
sweet hands I could not hold,
sweet smile that could not warm me
through this bitter cold.

Goodbye sweet eyes that could not see
these broken tears I cry,
sweet ears that could not hear me sing
this parting lullaby.

Goodbye sweet heart that could not beat
by the power of my will,
sweet mind that with life's wonders,
could not someday be filled.

Goodbye sweet child I could not keep,
sweet feet I shall not see
until I get to Heaven
and they're running to meet me.

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