Thursday, September 23, 2010

Necessary Things...Like Cereal & Diet Coke

Today is our day to be thankful. I thought I'd take a step back from my grandiose ramblings to be thankful for some of the simple things that are necessities in my day, plus one other that isn't necessary every day but much appreciated none the less.

1. Coffee, without which my poor little eyes would not open

2. Hazelnut cream, which makes opening those eyes a much sweeter experience
3. Diet Coke, a requirement for each day--we're great friends, Diet Coke and I

4. Cereal, I eat it for breakfast every day. Could eat it every meal but the rest of my family likes a little something more substantial

5. Debbie's serenade, she sang to me over Skype (it was my birthday earlier this week) and I appreciated it very much. She'll appreciate it very much if I don't return the favor. *Please note: this blogger is unable to carry a tune.

What are your must haves for each day?


Debra Ganas said...

Awww, it was fun. Oma Ruth really enjoys her Skype. I'm thankful for the modern technologies we have.

Anonymous said...

My must have is flowers...Jordy keeps a perpetual vase of flowers on a tray with my coffee things in the kitchen. Every morning I go outside and see them...I know, it's weird. : )

Kelly Mac said...

Jordy is a lady in training. Flowers are a wonderful must-have. What a sweet girl to provide those for you!

Precious Times Playschool said...

my list looks a lot like yours! coffee is a number one must...from wawa with some french vanilla capaccino. after thatI couldn't do with out my mascara. honestly.
Happy birthday, dear freind! love ya!