Friday, September 17, 2010

Diamonds in the Carpet...and a Sleepy Ballerina

I had been looking through some old pictures for one that had some pink in it when I came across this old one. I'd planned on some flowers, but couldn't resist showing you this sleepy ballerina. Even the fingernails are pink. All my hurrying didn't matter though, I missed the Pink Saturday submission by 42 minutes. Oh well, we'll enjoy it on Friday anyway.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about was last night. It had been a busy day and everyone else had gone to bed. I somehow let myself get sucked into watching The Apprentice. I thought I'd be smart during the commercials and clean up a little. It was at a commercial break and I got busy unloading the dishwasher. I dropped a glass and it shattered on the tile floor and all over the rug.

I stood there for a split second, catching my breath and figuring out where to step (since I was, of course, barefoot)and something occurred to me. I had a choice. I could either get aggravated and rattle off to myself a list of all the things I'd had to do that and the fact that I was the only one still up and working...or I could look down at my feet and see in the middle of the mess that I now had what looked like diamonds in my carpet.

It was a major moment, because it's true for all of life. Sometimes life seems to shatter. You think you're working along at a good pace, things are under control and then...bam, the glass hits the floor. It's been one of those years around here. I'm not dismissing what's broken. It's still broken and has to be dealt with. But there are two options. You can break out the "Why Me?" song and have a self-pity serenade or you can take a moment and look for the beauty in what has happened.

And there is beauty when life shatters. There is the unexpected kindness of acquaintences. There is the renewed appreciation of what is really important. There is a new strength you gain as you manage through it. These are the diamonds that sparkle in the carpet.

You still have to get out your vacuum at 10:30 at night and clean it up, but it's taught you something just the same.

I hope your carpets sparkle too. Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

You posted this at 5:43 AM today and talked about cleaning up last night at 10:30.....You probably dropped the glass because you were exhausted. It is good that you made the best of the accident. BUT, take better care of yourself and your health so you can continue to care for your family and share your wonderful inspirations with all of us. We love you and need you. Your friends and followers.

Anonymous said...

i love meredith's pink lips!! so sweet!! : ) Joey