Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pix from a Party

I thought I'd show you all today some pictures that I'd taken to put on here a couple of weeks ago. The Fourth may be over, but it'll give you some ideas for next year. But I like Americana anytime. Don't forget supper--for a yummy pork tenderloin, just sprinkle generously with garlic powder, Lawry's season salt and a little pepper and bake according to poundage. You don't get easier than that!

Here are the flower arrangements that Meredith and I fixed with flowers from the garden. I made the big one, she did the little one to go on the kid table.

I picked up these napkins at a discount store when it wasn't the right season. Keep your eyes open for seasonal stuff when it's at a discount and stick it back for the next year.

This was a last second thing--and one of my favorites. Don't buy fancy cups, use the cheaper clear ones and add your own touch and the person's name. It's personalized and fun. All you need are some permanent markers and imagination.


ruthwilma said...

I like the the all American table setting .
Oh and the flowers so lovely, spaciel the litle

Kelly Mac said...

Red, white, and blue is one of my favorites. And yes, I love that little bouquet too. We had so much fun standing at the sink fixing those. She's turning into a real Vintage Blossom!