Thursday, July 22, 2010

Attack of the Giant Flower Header

I finally stopped for a second and figured out how to get a picture behind my title. I used the one I'd taken the other day because I really liked it. I was feeling really good about the whole thing until it showed up so big, and no amount of playing around with it can make it be smaller. Oh well, without it being so big I never would have noticed the little design on the bud. Can you see it down at the bottom? It looks like a little starfish. Our world is so amazing if we would just slow down and pay attention. And speaking of that, let's slow down and give thanks for the things we have seen. Here's mine:

1. Fresh cut grass. Love the way it smells, loves the way it looks, love that I'm not the one who has to do it.

2. A little girl's first school lunchbox. It's Hello Kitty. She's so excited. We had to get a matching metal thermos to keep chicken noodle soup in. There's never beeen anyone who loves that soup more, and she was worried about not being able to get it at school.

3. The excitement of reading a new book.

4. Tackling something I've been procrastinating about. I've got more of that to do. PTO sponsor calls here I come.

5. Coffee with friends. How sweet it is to sit and enjoy a moment with those you treasure. Be sure to visit Debbie over at

What about you? Be sure to take a good look around today. Notice the small stuff.


Debra Ganas said...

Good for you, Kelly. I like the picture big. I love to take pictures with my Macro lens and see the details. Thank you for the blog tips. I will try them out when I get home.
And yes coffee with friends is something to be thankful for.
Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for the goldie oldie music on cable tv. I didn't go there intentionally, but I am enjoying it. Certainly made loading the washing machine a little easier. Love, Kelly's goldie oldie mom.

Kelly Mac said...

Love the banana cookies. Unfortunately for my waist line, I'm gobbling them up. And I too like to listen to music when I'm cleaning. Must be a hereditary trait. =)

Anonymous said...

i listened to you on the radio!! don't know how i missed that the other day. you did good, girl! :) you should be a regular! you have a great voice for it. :)


Anonymous said...

i love the big the golden oldies...