Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our House, in the Middle of Our Street

I always liked that song by Madness from the '80's. I thought today I'd share a bit of the happenings at OUR house.

It all started with a rustling sound in my rosemary. I looked to see what it was and there was this rabbit. I guess that's what I get for putting out that bunny flag in the backyard that says "Happy Easter". It was some sort of banner that apparently means help yourself in rabbit-speak. I will give him some credit. By the time I took the photo he'd hopped over to another flowerbed and ate a large dandelion that I'd yet to pull.At the time the rabbit was making his rounds in my garden, my neighbor and her chihuahua puppy had come for a visit. The puppy's name is Chloe and can often be seen wearing a sundress. The puppy started running in spastic circles at lightning speed all around my yard. The kids were trying to catch it for Brenda, my neighbor, before she spotted the rabbit and took off on a chase. Rabbits in bushes, spastic chihuahuas, fruitless chases and me trying to water the peppers. This is a typical moment in my life and the sort of site you often see at my house.

Measuring around 1/3 of an acre, our house manages to produce a lot of action. It is home to pirates (see last week's post), host to neighborhood boys' WWII re-enactments or Star Wars intergalactic battles, depending on the day and, as you can see, boasts monkeys in the trees.Be careful when you walk near the fort or behind the shed, there are quite a few potholes from attempts to dig to the center of the Earth.

This little yard isn't all play. I do manage to squeeze in a few pretties, like these purple irises. They look so delicate but they're made of tough stuff. They make their home right in front of my water hose and are constantly being bumped and battered in the daily treks to water the vegetables.The flowers are often transplants from others. The African irises came from my parents' old home, the thrift from Mrs. Louise. Everywhere I look is a reminder of the ones I love.

I've got vegetables and fruit growing everywhere. There are vegetable boxes, herbs in pots, squash in the flowerbed and cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets.Here's a little baby tomato. Nothing beats a homegrown tomato.

One final thing to share. Meredith was drawing quietly during the sermon at church on Sunday. I looked to see what she was drawing and here it is. Isn't that what we all long to see from our kids? 'I love home.' This drawing is a keeper.

That's a typical evening at our house. Like the song says, our house IS a very, very, very fine house.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post. i love the african iris...can i grow them up here?? J

Kelly Mac said...

I'm not sure. My guess would be that it isn't warm enough there, but I'll check and see.

Jennalane said...

wonderful details of a day in the life of the southern McDowells. I put pansies in pots and mowed the yard yesterday! but today it's raining! we're getting there tho!