Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apparently I'm Wearing Ports

We were sitting there eating breakfast and Meredith was talking about her outfit. She's hot natured and loves shorts and sleeveless shirts. She'd wear them in the winter if I'd let her. You all have no idea how many times I've said, "No, you may not wear shorts. It's January."

Like I said, we were sitting there discussing her fashion choices. "Mommy, did you know my shirt has a side zipper? And sequins?" She looked down at me, giving me the fashion once over that mothers of girls come to dread.

You're wearing ports!" I am? She explains for her apparently fashion ignorant mother. "There pants down to here and shorts from there. Ports."

Here I thought they were walking shorts, the kind that come just above your knee.

Little did I know.



Anonymous said...

gotta love that girl! :)


Jennalane said...

where does she come up with this stuff?
she makes me smile. =-]

Kelly Mac said...

After telling me that, we walked outside to get the mail. She was walking a little ahead of me and called out, "Are you wearing shoes or are you wearing bare feet?" She said, "I'm wearing my bare feet."