Monday, April 4, 2011

Butt Pott Picture

By request, here's a picture of my terra cotta pot. They are large pots with silver writing and whoever wrote on them had also hot glued on large silver bows. Hmmm... One of these days I've got to get to work on covering them up. For now, being labeled a butt pott hasn't slowed down the tomato plant one bit.

I've had conversations with some people about comments. Some people have trouble, some people don't like to, some people do. Our friend Jen over at Jennalane had a post about the subject this weekend. I told her I might repost it, which she said was fine, but then I struck upon another idea.

Let's play a game. I like games and quizzes and puzzles and such. So I figure if we make commenting a bit of a game, some of you comment shy people might be more willing to try. I'll ask some questions and give my answers. Then you comment with your answers to the same questions. You can copy and paste mine and change the answers or you can simply give your numbered answers. This way, you comment and we learn a little about each other at the same time.

Here goes--

1. Favorite color? yellow
2. Last 3 things you read from? Around the World in 80 Days, Bible, back issue of Southern Accents
3. Favorite magazine? Maryjane's Farm House
4. Stripes, plaid or polka dots? Polka dots
5. Top 3 wish list items? chickens, farm, 10 pounds (at least) lighter
6. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? a little house in some small town in Ireland
7. Favorite food? watermelon
8. Least favorite food? egg dishes
9. Where do you live? Georgia
10. Worst habit? procrastination


Cat & Cricket said...

1~ fav color... white/pale pale blues/greens
2~Read? Glass, It's called Breakup because its Broken, and Guilty...
3~Fav mag... Coastal Living
4~Polka dots!
5~3 wish items... husband signs divorce papers, get condo in Fl., healthy
6~If I could go anywhere? ... South Seas...
7~ Fav food... mashed potatoes
8~Least fav food... lima beans
9~Live... presently in NJ
10~ Worst habit... same as you ! PROCRASTINATE!

Cat & Cricket said...

ps... that was from Cricket @ gypseanurse!

Greetings said...

1. Favorite color? blue like the color of the sky!
2. Last 3 things you read from? Bible, N.A.P.S., local newspaper
3. Favorite magazine? womens day or parents
4. Stripes, plaid or polka dots? none of the above but if have to would say stripes
5. Top 3 wish list items? weekend with my husband, healthier, 8 hrs of sleep ...just one night!
6. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Virgin islands
7. Favorite food? fried chicken
8. Least favorite food? rutabaga
9. Where do you live? florida
10. Worst habit? not removing makeup before going to bed

Kelly Mac said...

I guess I must have two bad habits 'cause I'm bad about not taking off my makeup too. I guess I just procrastinate about taking it off until the next day. And Cricket, my mom called me Cricket when I was little.

Debra Ganas said...

1. Favorite color- Green
2. Newspaper, Bible, Georgia Gardener Magazine
3. Favorite Magazine. Hard to choose...I LOVE MAGAZINES.
5. Less clutter, a week of camping with my family, a new dishwasher, stove, patio door. Sorry, you said three.
6. I would take my Mama to Germany.
7. Crusty bread with butter, although cheese and chocolate cannot be left out.
8 Least favorite -liver.
9 Content with right here in middle Georgia.
10. Procrastination.

Jennalane said...

oh my look at all the delurking goin on! yippee a questionaire.
Favorite color? pinks, touqouise and browns
2. Last 3 things you read from? Bible, Water For Elephants, blogs
3. Favorite magazine? ?
4. Stripes, plaid or polka dots? P-dots
5. Top 3 wish list items? for my son to be reconciled with the Lord, for my other son's wedding to go well, for warm weather to hurry and come
6. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? back to the Grand Canyon/ arizona points of interest that I missed when I was there
7. Favorite food? chocolate
8. Least favorite food? lima beans and brussel sprouts
9. Where do you live? MD
10. Worst habit? same...procrastination

Anonymous said...

Worst habit...........never finishing anything. So I started at the bottom and got right to the point.

Anonymous said...

Don't say you have the procrastination syndrome. Just put it this way-- God gave you another day to think about things.

Jennifer S. said...

1. Favorite color? blue/pink - it's a toss up
2. Last 3 things you read from? Read? What's that? Spirituality of Fundraising - Henri Nouwen, blogs, FB
3. Favorite magazine? Any one that has Amazon baby store coupons
4. Stripes, plaid or polka dots? Stripes
5. Top 3 wish list items? peace, to hold my tongue, contentment
6. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? right now, the beach because I'm longing for summer!
7. Favorite food? baked sweet breads of the McD family variety :)
8. Least favorite food? olives
9. Where do you live? MD
10. Worst habit? clutter