Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Idiot Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like a complete idiot? Today's my day. And the sad part is, it wasn't some major catastrophe that brought it on. Nope, just an oridinary day.

It's one of those days where there's no time to even finish putting on makeup before I have to head out the door. Then there's a major dilema with the clothes I wore. I finally make it meet my friend to walk the track but the only shirt I have that remotely matches the jacket I need is white. My sports bra has a grey stripe. (What's the matter with bra makers?) I'm fine with my jacket zipped but it soon gets too hot for a jacket. Step, step, step...with the constant battle in my mind--zipped and sweaty or cool and stripey.

Finally retreated to the air conditioning of my vehicle and ran a million errands on the way home, one of them sent me to the grocery store...and to my doom.

I parked opposite perfection. Perfect luxury car, perfect size, perfect hairstyle, perfect clothes, perfect tan. Walking in beside that I felt...well, very UN-perfect.

The little bit of makeup I'd had on I'd sweated off. The crazy curls that make their dwelling on the top of my head were shooting out on one side and lying flat on the other. That bag of cherry sours I'd eaten were mocking me from my hips. And I was rocking my zipped up stripey bra look, capri pants...and tennis shoes and socks.

It's moments like these when you really wish you couldn't see your reflection in the windows as you walk in the store.

And I just thought to myself, what an idiot. I even stink at being a girl.

We won't even talk about my inability to load my photos on the new computer. Some misery I need to save for another day.

Enough self-pity for now.


Anonymous said...

awww, you are perfect just the way you are! you are real, and honest, and vulnerable, and sweet, and godly, and beautiful, and spunky, and witty, and lovely, and a good mom, a terrific wife, and a faithful friend!! you are perfectly perfect in God's eyes...it's Satan that wants you to think otherwise...don't give in, girl! don't believe the lie!! love you, love you, love you - deb :)

Anonymous said...

ps - and stripey bras sound cool. ;) rock on, sista!

Anonymous said...

When you turn 50 you will realize you dress the way you do because you want to. You really won't care what the windows reflect and you will feel sorry for the "Barbies" who have nothing better to do with their lives than to work on their insecurities. And, Popeye will be your hero for his quote "I yam what I yam". Love ya, just the way you are.

Jennalane said...

oh no...not a stripy bra! sounds sexy...and anyway, isn't this the era of ppl wearing anything and everything? i agree with Deb...you rock in everyway. don't change a thing. kick those "bad day blues" to the curb and give yourself a hug for me. I love you girl!

LV said...

I have had so many stupid days, i stopped telling anyone about them. I am afraid they will haul me off. We all do things, but seems I am having too many. Nothing wrong with you. Too many things on your mind at one time.