Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just 4 Today

Just for today...can't remember how the rest of that poem goes. Anyway, just for today, we will think of four things (at least) that we can be thankful for. We're always quick to gripe when things go wrong, can we be vocal about the things that are right? There's always much around here to be thankful for.

1. Dancing in the kitchen the other night with my little girl to some Willie Nelson. Who doesn't like to listen to Willie sing?

2. My new $4 jacket. We stopped at a yard sale the other day and I picked up the cutest red (oops, guess I should have shown that yesterday) quilted barn jacket from Old Navy. Red, barn jacket, my size, $4.00=SOLD. I love red coats.

3. Last night my oldest son spent two hours helping his younger brother do a project to earn some extra credit being prodded along and without one moment's complaint.

4. I started watching what I eat (yes I know, again) and I've stuck to it this week. And, I made chocolate cake and, no matter how many pieces I've cut, have not once had a bite or even licked my fingers when they had icing on them.

This has been a great week of finding bargains, having a good time with my family, even displaying a little will power in the food area. That's the good stuff in life and I am thankful. I even put makeup on a bear yesterday--my friend Dana had to dress up as a mama bear for her son's preschool program. I got to glam her up. If only I'd thought to take her picture!!!

I hope your week has been full of things to be thankful for, and a little unexpected fun. Caution--if you should have an urge to put a bow and lipstick on a bear of your own, just make sure they're not of the real variety. I've heard they don't particularly care for the pearls. ;)


Sherry said...

Your post was inspiring to me. We all need to be reminded to be thankful for the simple things in life. The things you listed create a wonderful picture of the blessings of life. I have not been posting because of vacation and a thawed freezer. I am cooking up a storm. Reading a few blogs tonight has been a blessing.

Kelly Mac said...

Thank you! You are always so busy and creative, I don't know how you have time to do all that you do.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful my computer decided to work again. Missed reading your blog. I'm thankful for lunch Wednesday with people who mean so much to me. I'm thankful for feeling well today. I'm thankful for the many people I came in contact with today at the Grocery, beauty shop, etc. that smiled and said hello, people are what make us happiest.