Monday, March 29, 2010

First Day

I've been trying to set up this blog in between doing loads of laundry and wondering why I'm even doing it. I guess my purposes are two. The first is to get all these rambly thoughts out of my head and hopefully find people who are interested in the same things and in hearing what I have to say. The other purpose is to be accountable. I tend to have great intentions and a very lousy follow through on the personal front. I can do things for others, but doing things for myself like getting in shape or trying my hand at being creative always ends up being pushed aside. My theory is that if I'm accountable to the whole world, or at least a few followers, I'm more likely to do what I need to do. Maybe some will even join me on the journey.

One of my "Wanna Be" things is thinner. I know I need to be healthy, especially with my asthma giving me trouble, but it's just so hard. I'm not a yo-yo diet kind of girl. I'm a no-no diet kind of girl. But, my sweet sister-in-law Deb and I both said we'd start trying to be good today. She suggested that we start with no flour and no sugar. For me, who adores baking and has a definite sweet tooth, it's about breaking an addiction to carbs and sugar. So that's my goal for this week--no flour, no sugar. Ugh.

Another "Wanna Be", farmer. I dearly love all things farming. Don't ask me why. It's a strange attraction for me--cows, tractors, the smell of the feed in a silo. Alas, I am trapped on a little plot of suburbia. I am making the best of it though, with an herb garden, vegetable boxes, and we have a new addition of peach trees and raspberry bushes. More on that, and a few pictures, another day.

I would talk a bit about my itch for being creative, but some housework is calling my name. It's screaming actually, I think it's coming from the kitchen sink.

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