Tuesday, March 30, 2010

By Request

Today's been a visiting kind of day. First with the ladies at Bible study, then with my very dear aunt and uncle, and then with my neighbor. And I'm only partly through the afternoon. Now it's time to visit with you for a few minutes. What a great spring day it's turning out to be.

First, I'll report on the diet progress. Day 2 and I didn't go insane yesterday without sugar or flour, even after making a batch of cookies for the kids. I promise, I didn't even lick the spoon. When I hopped on the scale this morning I'd lost three pounds! I know, I hopped back on to double check. I think God was giving me a gracious jumpstart.

Today has gone well too. I did almost have a mishap at lunch though. I had promised Meredith a trip to McDonald's on our way to Aunt Betty's and when I went to order I automatically said I'd take a hamburger and fries. I then had to tell her to scratch that and make it a salad instead. Oh, that was a hard one! I do love me some hot McDonald's french fries. It was only later that I realized it wouldn't technically have been cheating to eat the fries since we'd just said no flour and no sugar, but I wasn't going back. Besides, it saved some starch and some grease that I didn't need.

Now to the requests. I have been given some specific recipe requests and asked to just share my recipes in general. I do love to cook. I guess I'll pass on the info, y'all can eat it. I'll pretend while I eat my salad. Joey also requested that I include my menu plan for the week. Yes, I make out a menu plan that I try to go by for the week. It's one of the many lists I make. The GoGo's had a song on their Vacation album back when I was in high school (yes, that dates me, you do the math) and it went something like "I am a girl of a hundred lists..." and that is me in a nutshell. It could be my theme song. Maybe if I was any good at technical stuff I could figure out how to play it on here. Sorry, I'm digressing.

Back to the menu list. I will put that on here weekly for all who are interested on Mondays. It's nothing fancy. I don't usually do things that are complicated because of busy schedules, kids to please, and from the fact that I like it simple. I've always found that the simpler it is the better it is. That's goes for just about anything. I'll list the main dish and sides. If it's fairly simple I won't give the recipe for it, but you can always just comment that you want to know how I make it and I'd be happy to explain. I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information. And I do have a tendency to ramble on.

Monday--Mini Meatloaves, Rice A Roni (I know it's not gourmet but everybody loves it and it was on sale last week), Corn, and rolls

Tuesday--Grilled Chicken, green beans with new potatoes, and fruit salad

Wednesday--Grilled pork chops (I'm trying to be a good girl), baked beans, tossed salad

Thursday--out to eat this week

Friday--smoked sausage, macaroni & cheese, and glazed carrots

Saturday--homemade pizza

Sunday--baked ham, potato supreme, and Five Layer Strawberry Pie (that's my contribution to the family Easter dinner)

I'll have to come back later and post the actual recipes. Right now I've got to run out and meet the school bus. Hope you're having a great day.

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