Friday, May 20, 2011

Not What I Needed

I know, I know...I said I would be here all week and posting. My heart said yes but my body said no. I've been sick and not getting better. Went back to the doctor today--pneumonia.

So I am here, just not worth much at the moment.

I'll take two antibiotics and call you in the morning.


LV said...

So sorry to hear about you being so sick. You should not give us bloggers a thought until you are much improved. Nothing is as important as your health. Take care.

Jennalane said...

Kelly! i am praying for you my dearest! please get better. and rest, rest, rest!
Love, love, love,

Anonymous said...

So sorry you have been sick! Praying that you are feeling better! Take care! Lots of love Johnnie