Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now for a Few Things from the Outside

By the time I was able to get outside to take pictures, there were lots of shadows and wasn't a lot I could photograph. I'll just have to share some more another day. This first one is of one of my azalea bushes. I have several. They are all over our town in masses. It's a really pretty place to live right now.

This tree stands between my house and my neighbors. Brenda planted it and I'm not sure what kind it is, something Japanese I think. Right now it's shedding its flowers so every time you walk outside you're walking in a soft pink rain.

These little purple flowers don't like getting their picture taken. Every time I try it doesn't turn out right. They are a darker purple than they look with a bright blue center, a nice little addition beside the step.

Anyone in the mood for salad? I usually plant buttercrunch but this year I tried the gourmet blend. It's been really good. Maybe next year I'll plant both.

I thought I'd lost my grapevine over the winter, but it surprised me and came back with a vengeance. We've got to slow down and make it a permanent home. For now it sits contentedly in the pot.

That's it for me today. Can you guess where I'm off to this morning? Picking strawberries! Yummy, yummy springtime.


Debra Ganas said...

Lovely posey pictures. The pink tree might be called a Yoshino cherry tree. They are all over Middle Georgia. Macon is having The Cherry Blossom festival now. I love Spring.


~~Carol~~ said...

I loved seeing these shots, because it snowed here last night and it still doesn't seem like Spring!

Kim O said...

Loks like a cherry blossom tree. Native of Japan, and like Debra said, Macon has a big festival for them. They are so beautiful