Friday, October 21, 2011

Lessons from a Blackberry Vine

I have a problem with blackberries. Not the yummy ones I put in cobbler, the wild blackberry vine that is trying its best to take over my yard.

It has been a bitter war and there have been casualties, namely my pretty hydrangea. While I've spent countless hours battling my dreaded invader I've had plenty of time to ruminate on something.

Sin is a whole lot like that blackberry vine. Here are some of the similarities I've come up with.

  • Trying to get rid of it is painful.

  • It doesn't want to go.

  • You can easily break off little pieces, but when that's all you do the root remains.

  • The thorns get bigger and it's harder to get to as you get closer to the root problem.

  • Sometimes the branches that others see look like they've died but down at the bottom and in the roots it's still growing.

  • It invades whatever is around it until it choked it out and eventually kills it.

  • It can only be stopped by the gardener's intervention.

  • It costs the gardener effort, time, and it is a painful process for the gardener.

  • Once it's gone, however, it's better for the other plants.

  • The children no longer have to look out for its thorns.

  • And after the tangled mess is cleared away, you find hidden treasures that were lost.

  • And there's room for beautiful new things to blossom.

Hope your garden is weed free!


Jennalane said...

awesome analogy, Kellymac. makes me wanna clear some "weeds". Love and miss ya! hope everyone is well

Kelly Mac said...

Thanks. We are doing well.

Anonymous said...

you are great with words! love this thought. miss ya - goodwill shopping ain't the same without ya!

Anonymous said...

Love this Kelly!!! Just wanted to pop by and say HELLO!